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we are Crown Rent-a-Car

Rent a Car Crown is one of the leading rental companies on the Black sea coast. Our mission is to provide you with the opportunity to get the most of your holiday in our beautiful summer resorts. Our customers are our motivation. Everything we do, we do for you in order to satisfy your needs and make your traveling easier. We are family, enjoy us!


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Awesome Questions

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The client should be an owner of a valid driving license, at least for a year, a passport, a registered temporary address. The minimum age required to rent a car is 21 years for the groups small and economy, 23 for economy and intermediate class and 25 years for all the rest car groups.
Make the reservation of the car according to the referred form on the site or contact us on the given telephone number. The rent price is paid at the receiving of the cars.
In cash or with credit cards
  • The minimum rent price is per one day (24 hours rent)
  • One extra hour is free (60 minutes)
  • For more that one extra hour (60 minutes plus), the client shall pay a extra day.
  • The rent price includes insurances against damage or theft, unlimited kilometers run, vignette and road taxes, VAT.
  • The rent price does not include fuel /petrol or diesel/
  • The car is delivered to the client with a full tank and the client is obliged to return the car with full tank as well.
  • If the car is returned without a full tank, extra 2 €/ l is charged for the missing fuel wanted to refill the tank.
  • The reservations are confirmed for a group of car, not for a specified brand and make.
  • Twenty-four hour delivery / taking of the car
  • The service delivery / taking of the car is free of charge in the locations of the company offices in one and the same town.
  • In all the above mentioned prices is included VAT
  • The prices are an object to change without a preliminary notice.


The parties declare that they agree with the below stated:

1. Subject of the contact
The Lessor rents his own car to the Renter.

Term of the contract

1. The period of validity is specified in the contract and might be extended only with the consent of the lessor.
The minimum period of car renting is 24 hours.
2. In case of non-observance of the tern specified in the contract for return of the car the Renter is obliged to notify the Lessor not later than 24 hours before the expiry of the contract.
3. In case that the Renter continues using the vehicle without the consent of the Lessor, the Renter shall bear full criminal and financial liability for damages to the vehicle beyond the contract term.
4. For each additional day the Renter shall pay the relevant rent in accordance with the contract on the day of rental.
5. In case of non-observance of the deadline for return of the vehicle for more than 2 hours and failure to notify the Lessor about such breach of this obligation , the Lessor shall consider the vehicle for stolen and shall inform the competent authorities,while retaining all his rights under this contract.
6. The renter is obliged to notify the Lessor about any delay after the deadline for the final return: - For a delay more than 1 hour shall be charged penalty of 10 EUR, and for more than 2 hours is charged additional day rent.
7. In case of cancellation of this contract before its expiration, the lessor shall not receive any compensation.


1. The final rental price is not subject to change throughout the term of the contract.
2. The car rental price includes the vehicle insurance (Third Party Liability), car insurance of all road risks (Casco), road tax and vignette.
3. Upon signing the contract, the lessee shall pay a deposit, which is returned after termination of the contract.
4. The rental price and the deposit shall be paid by the Renter upon signing the contract.
5. The car rental price does not include fuel. The car shall be returned and accepted with a full tank.
6. If the client wishes to hire a car for travelling abroad, the client shall preliminary declare such a wish and shall inform himself about the conditions for travelling abroad.

IV. Damages, losses and theft

1. If the car is returned with missing fuel and damage up to the amount of the deposit caused by renter, the value shall be retained from the deposit.
2. In any road accident, whether the tenant is guilty or not, he must wait the arrival of the competent authority (Policia) to obtain a record of the incident.
3. In case of car accident, theRenter shall immediately inform the Lessor.
4. In case of loss, destruction or theft of a key, the Renter shall pay its equivalent in threefold.
5. In case of loss, destruction, theft of documents or vehicle number, the Renter shall pay a penalty amounting to the rental fee of the car for three days.
6. If replacement of the vehicle is necessary, not through the fault of the Renter, the vehicle replacement costs shall be for the account of the Lessor
7. If replacement of the vehicle is necessary through the fault of the Renter, the vehicle replacement costs shall be for the account of the Renter.
8. The insurance shall not cover damage for the following cases:

• damages to the car tires
• any damages to the engine and gearbox.
• engine overheating, which shall be evaluated within the amount of 1200-3500 euros, depending on the vehicle type.
• any damages caused to the vehicle due to driving off road.
• Theft of the rented car if the documents or keys provided by the Lessor are missing; in such a case the Renter shall pay the value of the car at car market prices.

V. Obligations of the Renter

1. The Renter must be at least 18 years old and must have valid documents, identity card, passport, driving license and driving experience of at least 1 year
2. The Renter have no right to use the car for participation in competitions or trainings and pull trailers and other vehicles.
3. The Renter is obliged to monitor the oil level and the coolant temperature while driving the vehicle.
4. The Renter shall not use the vehicle while drunk or after using narcotics and narcotic drugs and to keep such in the car
5. The Renter may not assign the car contract to third parties or use it for travelling
abroad, except when the Renter is authorized by the Lessor with letter of attorney.
6. The Renter is responsible for any damages caused to the rented car in the cases when using the
car and driving it in violation of the legal regulations of the country in which it is located.

VI.Additional services

1. Free delivery is offered from 9:00 to 20:00 every working day within the boundaries of the town and villages in which the Lessor has offices.
2. For delivery or return of the vehicle during non-working time there is an additional fee as following: Monday-Friday: 20:15 - 00:00/7:15 - 8:45 - 10€; 00:15 - 7:00 - 20€;Saturday and Sunday: from 20:15 - 8:45 - 20€

VII. Additional Terms and Conditions

This contract shall terminate its action at failure to observe its conditions by any of the parties and in such a case the defaulting party shall pay to the non-defaulting party the entire amount of the fair compensation for any damages caused by contract non-observance, and the compensation might be claimed in written form to the addresses specified in this contract, but not later than 6 monts after the date of signing the contract.

1. When a problem arises between the parties, it shall be settled in the spirit of understanding and loyalty, and when not possible, the argument shall be settled by the competent judicial authorities.
2. At signing this contract, the Renter must know that his personal data may be used to bear criminal and judicial responsibility. Non-understanding of the contract conditions and expiry of the contract shall not exempt the Renter from penal and judicial responsibility for any damages caused by him.

The parties affirm with signature upon the contract their consent regarding its terms and conditions.

The present contract is concluded in two identical original copies.


There are several options to contact us if you want to make a reservation
- make online reservation on our site
- make a phone call
- send e-mail
- go to an office of CROWN change
- come to our office.

When you are making your reservation, please tell your dates of renting, the place where you want to receive the car and the dropp off place. First, we check for availability (make your reservation 1-2 days in advance so that it is sure that there will be available car). If you are pleased with our offer we will ask you for personal information in order to finish the reservation. If you have made your reservation in our office or in CROWN change office, you have to pay 20lv as a deposit and you will receive a confirmation , which you have to bring when picking up the car (if you do not bring your confirmation document, we cannot give you back the deposit).

Our representative will wait for you. He will show you the details in the car. If there are scratches or any broken parts you can mark them on the contract. Finally, you sign the contract and receive the car key.

Our representative will wait for you. He will check the car for any problems and if there are not any he will give you back the car deposit.

We have different age requirements for the different car classes:
Economy class – over 21
Economy and Intermediate class-23
Economy, Intermediate and Luxury class-25

The driver should have held his driver license for 1 year at least.

Yes you can but first you have to inform us. We have an extra charge of 10/20 euro for returning the car out of work time.

Firstly, if you are late give us a call, please. If you are late within 1 hour there is no extra charge. If you are late within 2 hour there is an extra charge of 10 euro. If you are late with more than 2 hours you have to pay a full day price.

To view our full terms and conditions please visit our Terms and Conditions page

All vehicles have a non-smoking policy. There is a penalty charge of 100 euro.

The renter of the vehicle is solely responsible for any traffic offense fines and related administration fees incurred during their rental period.

Yes, but the additional driver must be listed on the rental contract. The second driver must also provide their valid driving license for inspection before becoming a named driver on the rental contract. No fee applies for the additional driver

The pick up and drop off locations can be different.

We provide all rental with a full tank of fuel, therefore it must be return with a full tank of fuel to avoid additional charges as specified on the rental contract.

Give us a call at least 24 hours before the agreed returning hour.

The cancelation costs 10 euro.

Damage on the tires is not covered by the insurance. In case of a problem with the tire it is your responsibility to fix it.

The car price remains the same, it won’t be recalculated.

You will be charged 100 euro

With a letter of attorney you can travel all around the world.

An extra charge applies:
for countries which are part of the EU - 50 euro
for countries out of the EU - 50 euro